North to Maine

From March to October 2000, I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and it became a defining experience of my life. With this blog, I’m going to try and publish my photos and memorabilia as I follow my hike north to Maine.

Day 72: McAfee Knob

Journal Excerpt:

14.5 miles, May 29 Tenting at Angel’s Gap, partly cloudy, cooler

Today’s miles seemed to fly by. That’s usually the case when there’s good conversation, as there was again with Bear Behind, and later with a hiker named Wasabi. Also, the cooler temps added to the pleasantness of the walk. The highlight of the day was McAfee Knob, a rocky outcropping that protrudes out of the side of a ridge. Normally there are wonderful, far-reaching views from the Knob, but when Bear Behind and I got there, we were surrounded by mist, in the middle of a cloud. Actually, it made for a cool visual effect, and I’m sure the photos will be great. The end of the day was awesome as well - a long, hot camp fire with Wasabi and Bear Behind, complete with philosophy and marshmallows. 

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