North to Maine

From March to October 2000, I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and it became a defining experience of my life. With this blog, I’m going to try and publish my photos and memorabilia as I follow my hike north to Maine.

Journaling Bear Behind

Notes from conversations with Bear Behind that I felt resonant enough to record in my journal:

“Find insatiable curiosity, obsession, intense interest. Find it in your life and work backwards from it, relish it, nourish it, give thanks for it, and let it take you to unknown territory.”

“If you want a new career or path in life, take all the books you’ve read in the last five years and line them up. In them, you’ll find some thread. Follow that.”

“Anything that happens in a relationship is 50% your fault/responsibility. No more. And no less.”

“Be direct. There is power, mysteriousness, effectiveness and an intimacy to being direct.”

Bear Behind said he was interested in living environments where there are less walls, more openness, less division of rooms by function. You should feel comfortable eating, reading, working etc. in any area of the house. Also, use lighting below eye level, projected up, as well as the normal opposite (down). Hang pictures at eye level around the room so that people enter a room and walk around its perimeter as if in a museum. Traditionally, most of the activity, visually, of a room is in the lower 1/3. Utilize the upper 2/3.

I realize these are random quotes and observations, but after awhile, conversations on the trail are certainly anything if not random. Random, but engaging and memorable. 

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